Gingham, the crowd favorite of Summer 2017

Gingham, the crowd favorite of Summer 2017

If you’re anything like us, (and trust us, we know you are), you’ve had your reservations. It’s reminiscent of a romantic picnic basket lining, of your grandmother’s kitchen. It’s country and boho yet it’s geometric, yet somehow it’s everywhere. It’s….gingham. And we’ve set out to analyze exactly why this print is the hottest trend on literally everything Summer 2017.

Gingham has an elegant yet edgy vibe on shores yet untouched of many a pattern. Often combining black and white, this simple pattern takes two colors literally opposite of the spectrum to satisfy every it girl you can think of. Those feeling edgy and powerful in statement black can test their limits with a pop of white while still lying low in what makes them feel at home. And of course those wanting to loo tan and clean embrace their inner girl boss while putting on a little dash of black. The combination of the two worlds of black and white simultaneously clashing offers both a peaceful resolution and a challenge to those finding themselves usually favoring one neutral clothing color over the other.

The geometric pattern is also meticulously set up as less obviously slimming than the classic vertical stripe, yet stunning enough to showcase the beautiful womanly shape every lady uniquely has. Vertical stripes hide in between as laid back, almost plaid-esq squares, yet the powerful color combination of often black and white dodge the booby-trap of making one look boxy and shapeless.

And of course being the late-running coffee-grabbing addicts that we are, we have to point to the fact that the gingham pattern is literally so versatile that it can match anything we throw on in the morning. Pull out the black, white, or add in any other color, it is simple enough to be matched with, yet gingham can be paired with even another, more forward Clark Gable-esq type pattern or even graphic tee. It’s even just the right amount of enough to throw in that statement sleeve everyone keeps talking about this year (but more on that later).Think chambray shirt down at Balboa Island, but also think millennial-pink satin top at Javier’s. It’s elegant and classy, yet laid back and sassy.

Gingham has quite obviously become the crowd favorite of Summer 2017’s hottest patterns, the homecoming Queen of all pieces if you will. Many people are unsure of her, yet you can’t help but love her. And if you’re still not sure if you’re ready to jump on the gingham bandwagon, here are a couple of pieces that are sure to win your vote over:


StyleCon 2017 - Gingham Top
StyleCon 2017 - Gingham Bottom
StyleCon 2017 - Gingham Shoe
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